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Veuve Duvinage parquetry

Column Furniture and works of art , Appraisal and valuation

For about ten years, the decorative arts from the late nineteenth century exit the oblivion. The names of the leading manufacturers of furniture and works of art were rediscovered and their exceptional creations characterized by the influence of the Universal Exhibitions and development industry applied to art.
The background ivory parquetry inlay patented by the Veuve Duvinage meets all of these elements and the price of this particular production peaked.

The veuve Duvinage

In 1799, Alphonse Giroux opened a shop in Paris where he sells paintings, drawings, prints, furniture and objects. From 1833, his sons are at his side and in 1838, Alphonse-Gustave Giroux succeeded his father. He developed the activity in particular furniture which earned him a silver medal at the exhibition of the products of French industry in 1839.

In 1867, business was taken over by Ferdinand Duvinage, It retained the signature "Alph. Giroux Paris "on works of art that are produced and sold in his shop.

In 1877, Ferdinand Duvinage died and his widow succeeded him giving birth to the "veuve Duvinage."
The house Giroux continued to prosper under her direction until its sale in 1882.

Veuve Duvinage Alphonse Giroux Paris

The ivory parquetry

In 1877, the veuve Duvinage patented a new type of inlaid ivory parquetry on background cloisonné which uses the principle of extreme oriental cloisonné enamels. The marquetry wood generally has a bird, cock pheasant mostly, plugged into a setting of flowers and foliage. The Japanese style of the parquetry is visible.

According to the date of registration of the patent, it seems certain that this decoration was established by Ferdinand before his death. Particularly original, it was produced only during a very short period from 1877 to 1882.

veuve duvinage expertise estimation vente

The production

Furniture and works of art covered with this marquetry known as inlay of the veuve Duvinage were executed.

If the furniture is quite rare, a cabinet today in the Musée d'Orsay and a few tables, the production was much more important for objects d'art.

Among these include in particular toilet mirrors in triptychs opening by two doors inlaid with ivory, cups, plates or planters, boxes and clocks.

miroir giroux duvinage marqueterie ivoire

You have a piece of furniture or work of art signed Giroux and/or Duvinage whether you want to sell, appraise or just have an estimation, do not hesitate to contact us confidentially and free of charge.

Cédric Henon, fine art specialist

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