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Authenticite is the first European group of fine art experts specialized in antique furniture, art, sculptures, paintings, drawings, jewellery, antique, modern and contemporary objects.

Our teams in London and Paris are available to meet your needs whether you want to buy, sell or know the value of your works of art.

News releases

The Grand Tour sale

Column Appraisal and valuation, Sculptures

Prints, old masters paintings, antique busts, rococo consoles, more than 700 items will be auctioned. The estimates are reasonable, everything is for sale, and we must empty the warehouse.


On 8 and 10 March, the auctioneer Philocale assisted by our specialists in sculptures, works of art and furniture will sell a large collection of prints, old masters and modern paintings, sculptures, furniture and works of art.

We present below our favorite heart.




From the same collection, the 718 lots have a common theme, Italy and the Grand Tour.
This unique collection of its kind was assembled in the 80s and 90s and is characterized by the scale of orders fulfilled. Indeed, it is not old works for a large part but lots of copies of ancient works. Thus, the, busts of Roman emperors and medallions are plaster or resin. All prints are framed properly.




piranese expertise estimation vente appraisal


Sous le numéro 1105, les amateurs trouveront une suite de quatre gravures d’après Jean-Baptiste Piranèse (1720-1778). Il s’ait de tirage du XIXe siècle et l’ensemble est attendu entre 100 et 200 euros.

Les gravures de Piranèse font partie des rares gravures anciennes aujourd’hui recherchées des collectionneurs. Son œuvre se distingue par le choix des sujets, des monuments antiques italiens parfois animés et par la qualité du travail de burin de l’artiste avec en particulier des clairs obscurs qui sont sa touche.


The Farnese Hercules


expertise estimation sculpture valuation


Under lot 38, two important sculptures forming pair representing the head of the god Hercules on a pedestal. Our pair of sculpture measures 72 cm high and is expected between £60 and £100. This is a copy of the famous marble sculpture of the Farnese Palace in Italy, ours are made of resin.


A pair of Warwick vases


expertise estimation vase antique valuation


Particularly sought after by English collectors, lot 48, a pair of resin Warwick vases. It is interesting to note that a vase Warwick in stone dating from the nineteenth century was recently sold more than £20,000 with buyer premium near London. Our pair is estimated between £80 and £120.




expertise estimation bas relief valuation


Thorvaldsen (1770-1844) is another major artist of neoclassicism which was much sought after throughout Europe from late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century. Danish artist sculptures and from antiquity are now present in all the major museums of the world. Under lot 137, we can buy the Four Seasons, a set of four medallions in resin executed after Thorvaldsen. Expected between £100 and £150, the buyer will not have four medallions but eight.



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Auction on the 10th of March :