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News releases

While the news and the market have the Street Art on an ascending wave such as in Paris, London and New York, there is an place where urban art has simply not right to exist Singapore. Any artist caught in full realization of a fresco on the walls of the city is sure to get a ticket for a stay in prison, without any recourse. For the record, a Swiss artist, who rose to the challenge of painting on a train a year ago, was sentenced to imprisonment without the intervention of the Swiss authorities. The punishment is disproportionate, but we must remember that Singapore is a dictatorship and that everyone's life is under control.


Galerie Wallworks


A true artistic involvement


In this context, the exhibition "Off the Wall" which just closed its doors on November 26 in Singapore takes a very special meaning. In addition to the proposed meeting between 9 artists from France (including an American, Sonic) and eight Singaporean artists, this is a forum to give this art a force to express on canvas. Creativity is not so far restrained and works explode originality fueled by a strong cultural heritage - despite a global flood and a Western model reference in the development of the city. The ancestral grounds (carp up
the river is transformed into a dragon when it crosses the gate of the dragon, the Buddha) are mixed with figures of popular culture and contemporary (manga among others), often with humor (Antz, ASNO, Clog Two, Jaba, Mimer, Myow, scope, and Slacsatu TR853-1). French artists (Alex, CEET, Colorz, fenxi, Gilbert, Kongo, Lazoo, Sonic and Tilt) could make the opening night a fresco (a painting!) With fellow Singaporeans, sealing a meeting between generations and devoted of young people with hopes of changing the rules. Not that it extolled to tag the walls, but a territory of expression must be possible.


Vente art contemporain - Contemporary art auction

Façade de la boutique Hermès. Crédit photographique : Dominic Khoo. 


When luxe takes part


The initiative from Claire and Claude Kunetz Piton (from the Paris gallery Wallworks) - the project leaders - is therefore of artistic commitment, initiative complemented and reinforced locally by Hermes. This luxury brand - which has given carte blanche to create a Kongo Square break with its traditional image - has obtained permission to "tag" the facade of its future store on Scotts Square, the equivalent of the Champs Elysees in Paris. The audacity is only relative, since the front will find the brand colors on 9 December, at the official opening of the shop. Perhaps we can read the signs yet of a real opening to come.


Prix street art - street art price


Vue de l'exposition "Off the Wall" le soir du vernissage à l'Artspace @ Helustrans


A new market


The consequence of the progress of this difficult emerging art is that prices are particularly low. On average less than 1000 Euros, they barely exceed 3000 Euros where the French graffiti artists are valued between 5000 and 9300 Euros. The quality is undeniable and all parameters are present for these artists to have access to a rapid recognition and that their rating goes up. Local collectors, who are beginning seriously to take an interest, may attend this expected growth. Do not actually lose sight of the very high purchasing power in Singapore: 5 millions inhabitants, 20% have more than one million Singapore dollars on their account. A third of the wealth comes from the finance, third petrochemical and the last third of shipping. In addition, a free port was established there only two years ago, competing with the Geneva one and storing transit or seeing incredible masterpieces. Singapore is moving very quickly, it may be welcome to follow his artists Claude Kunetz present partly in Paris at the Galerie Wallworks for a chapter "Off the wall Paris", from January 13 to February 25.


Note that the first version was presented in the festival Voilah! Window on French culture in Singapore and in which the masterpieces of the Musée d'Orsay are on display at National Museum until February 7.


Stephanie Pioda


- Wallworks, 4 rue Martel, 75 010 Paris,

“Off the wall Paris”, from January 13th to February 25th.

- To discover the Singapore exhibition:, the catalog is co-edited by Fortine Cookie Projects & Galerie Wallworks.