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The Musee de Sevres, opened by Alexandre Brongniard in 1824, owned a fabulous ceramic collection covering centuries of research and design. From simple earth ware to the richest porcelain, these works of art tell us the ceramic history and in particular the Sevres one.


The birth of French porcelain

Everything started in Vincennes with Orry de Fulvi, state adviser and minister of finance of Louis XV. Deeply interested in porcelain paste researches, he installed the brothers Dubois from the Chantilly manufacture in the chateau de Vincennes to create porcelain.


In 1740, in order to compete with Meissen and Chantilly, the manufacture de Vincennes officially opened. Financed by the king Louis XV and the marquise de Pompadour, his mistress the royal manufacture produces tender paste porcelain.


Quickly, it becomes very famous, producing top quality pieces thanks to some very talented scientists such as Hellot, the painter Bachelier or the king silversmith Duplessis. They create colours background, new and fabulous décor all very diversified, enriched by gold that only Vincennes can use at that time.


Expertise porcelaine Sèvres - Sevres specialist


Porcelaines de Sèvres du  3e quart du XVIIIe siècle. Courtesy of Piasa.


In 1756, Vincennes is transferred to Sevres close to the chateau de Bellevue where lives the marquise de Pompadour. In 1759, Louis XV buys the manufacture and the production becomes renown in all Europe.


Marque Sèvres 1782 - Sevres porcelaine marks


Marque porcelaine tendre de Sèvres : LL entrelacés . Lettre date : «ee» pour 1782 .

Its only in 1768, following the finding of Kaolin in Limoges that Sevres starts to produce hard pate porcelain such as in China and Meissen. This production is marked differently that the tender paste one, enlaced L surmounted by a royal crown. They also differ by the colour background and a neo-classical shape and style. 

Sevres in 19th century

In 1800, Alexandre Brongniard, famous chemist, becomes head of the manufacture. The hard paste becomes the reference and creations are more and more divers and more and more modern.


In 1824, he opens the Musee de Sevres which only displays ceramics in chronological order. Many new buildings are built and
the new site is inaugurated in 1876. Today, the museum and the manufacture are still on this site. 


From creation to edition, Sevres today


Expert Sèvres Art Déco - Art Deco Specialist


Vase sur piédouche Prou N°2 Les Skis. Porcelaine dure de Sèvres datée de 1937. H.: 46,5 cm.
Vendu 14 400 € par Sotheby's Paris en 2002.


Private then royal, imperial and finally national manufacture, Sevres produces very high quality pieces still using the 18th century techniques. The production is modern and contemporary artists and designers collaborate with the manufacture. Despite this modern side, Sevres still produces 18th and 19th century replica.


Century after century, Sevres kept a very high quality standard and created a very wide type of pieces. Among the many artists who work for Sevres, we can mention Boucher and Bachelier, Falconet and Rodin and designers such as R Ruhlmann or Ettore Sottsass. There are now 50,000 pieces in the museum’s collection. 


Agathe Pantz


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