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Camille Fauré vases

Column Appraisal and valuation, Ceramic and glass

At the dawn of the 20s, the production of Limoges enamels, fallen into abeyance in the late nineteenth century, is experiencing a new boom in the person of Camille Faure (1874-1956). Brilliant entrepreneur, he was able to grab spirit of the times in its active workshops from 1920 to 1980.










His beginnings

Arriving in Limoges in 1880 with a father painter, Camille Faure's career seems traced and at 21 years old he naturally took over the activity of his father, who passed away, by positioning himself in a niche market.


He frequented the artistic circles of Limoges and especially enamellers.


1920, the turning point


expertise et estimation de vases Faure - valuation and appraisal

Image : Courtesy of SVV Aguttes


In 1920, Camille Faure hiring the enameller Alexandre Marty to create decor vases with frosted and flamed decor in the tradition of Limoges productions. This production is intended for a bourgeois clientele and vases are signed at this time "Faure Marty Limoges." In 1924, Faure separates from Marty wishing to change costumers and especially go upmarket.


1925-1930, exceptional pieces


Experrtise et estimation de vases emaillés Faure- appraisal and valuation

Image : Courtesy of SVV Le Floc'h


Camille Faure hires five talented enamellers including Louis Valade, Lucie Dadat and Pierre Bardy and let them work at their own pace. Thus are born, vases with a decor marked by Art Deco, geometric shapes, some even cubist and having relief.

In 1925, he met a great success at the Fair of Lyon up to 1930 when he is hit by the crisis.

These enameled are signed "Faure Limoges France" or "C Faure Limoges France".

The works produced at this time are highly sought after by collectors with a price range between 4,000-8,000 Euros on average but some exceed 10,000 Euros.


1930-1980, the slow decline 


expertise et estimation de vases Limoges - appraisal and valuation

Image : Courtesy of SVV Aguttes


Faced with the crisis, Faure decided once again to switch production, turning this time to a mass market, performing works at small prices in floral and naturalist décor. He continues in the same time to edit vases of the previous period.

He then experienced a commercial success but impoverished artistically.


expertise et estimation - valuation and appraisal

Image : Courtesy of SVV Aguttes



Endowed with a true business sense, Camille Faure has adapted his production to economic uncertainties. Active for 60 years, workshops of enamels of Camille Faure produced between 1925 and 1930 the epitome of Art Deco and amateurs and collectors are not mistaken, vases products at this time are very popular and very expensive.


Main picture: Courtesy of SVV Aguttes